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A fresh approach to art advisory

At 28W9 we focus on emerging contemporary artists whose careers are developing. We specialise in helping new and established international collectors, as well as corporations, to invest in the career of young or mid-career artists.

Seasoned collectors often request our services to understand who the next generation of interesting artists is and to bring a fresh perspective. New collectors come to us as their trusted partner with whom to start their collecting journey, usually beginning with more affordable pieces.

We offer a range of services, from simply suggesting art for a new property to helping develop a rational foundation for a major collection. Ultimately, we use our expertise to help our clients make better, more informed purchases that will stand the test of time.

'Untitled', Luis Gonzalez-Paramo

How it works

The process of buying art with 28W9


We meet

We will start with an initial commitment-free consultation to understand what your interests and goals are in terms of your collecting strategy: some clients want to collect over the long term, and are in need of ongoing art advisory services, whilst others prefer working with us on a project basis.


If you are a new collector, we will begin with understanding your motivation to invest in art and what your goal is. If you are a more experienced collector, we will ask to look at your existing collection and understand from you how you want to strengthen it.

We will then discuss your needs and budget and will offer our initial views, presenting you with a transparent fee structure.


You trust us

If you decide to proceed, the first few meetings will help to establish what kind of artworks you are drawn to. Our preferred way of doing it is to look at artwork together, whether online or by going to galleries and exhibitions.

Based on these initial discussions we will show you artworks that may be of interest, and from there an acquisition strategy will start to form. Together we will decide what artists to focus on and how to distribute your budget, taking into account collection goals, interests, and long-term value. 

We will sometimes encourage you to consider works that, although always in line with your taste and interests, you may not gravitate towards at first: this will help broaden your collection.


You invest in art

When it is time for the artwork acquisition, we will aim to make sure you are paying the fair market value and getting the best discount possible. We also help negotiate payment terms. The artist or their agent will invoice you directly to maintain as much transparency as possible, unless you prefer to remain anonymous.

We can then help with the installation of any newly acquired piece to make sure it finds the best spot to enhance both the work itself and the property it goes into.

We can also help with rearranging the display of existing collections to ensure a harmonic fit and organic final result.