Buying art made easy

Our fee structure

Fair and transparent, whether you are interested in a long-term relationship or an ad-hoc project

Long-term art advice

If you want to build a collection and would like our on-going advice, we work on a retainer fee paid on a monthly or hourly basis. We usually recommend a monthly retainer as this alleviates the pressure of feeling you are going to be charged incrementally: we want our long term clients to always feel free to pick up the phone or send us an email.

At 28W9 we pledge to be free from conflicts of interest: we will accept payment only from you, and we will never be paid by an artist, a gallery or any other party that could compromise us. We will always act exclusively in your best interest.

Project-based art advice

Whether you are after a single piece of art or you want to fill in every wall in a newly acquired property, we can help. We work on an fixed initial appointment fee, followed by a sliding percentage-based fee contingent on the value of the works bought (with a capped minimum).

Art installation & display advice

We also offer art installation and display advice, for new artwork as well as for your existing collection. This is an additional service that can be contracted separately or together with our art advice. For these service we work on an hourly fee basis.