Buying art made easy

Our mission

Buying art made easy

We focus on contemporary artists whose careers are developing . Our job is to find them and bring them to our clients at a fair price.


We put our expertise at the collectors' service and help our clients navigate the emerging art market, making practical investment decisions always to their taste and objectives. We help new and seasoned collectors broaden their art horizons and discover exceptional artists before the mass market does.

It doesn’t matter if you are ready to buy or you are still unsure and just want to know more about it: send us an email to to get in touch with us for a commitment-free chat.

Are you an exceptional artist?

We are always searching for the most talented emerging international artists. If you want to show us your work, please send us an email to with a link to your portfolio and we can have an initial chat.

Our principles

Art is about passion

Ultimately, the collector needs to love every piece they acquire

Whilst our job is to help find  pieces we believe will bring a good return on your investment, there always has to be a connection between the artwork and the collector.

We believe everyone should take home the art that makes them happy - not just what they have been told is a good asset.

We are independent

We don't work with a closed artists portfolio

This helps us offer collectors what we believe is the best match to their taste and budget, rather than pressing towards a specific artist we represent.

You pay only what is worth

The artist receives the total amount paid for each piece

For the sake of transparency, you will pay the artists directly for the artwork (or their dealer, if that is the artist's choice). We don’t add a surcharge – on the contrary we are often able to negotiate a discount.

Our fees are ethical

We don't charge the artists whose work we recommend

We act as a personal shopper: our fees are based on our time commitment and are paid exclusively by the collectors that receive advice from us.

We listen to you

What you like and what your budget is

This way we can find the right artwork to suit yout needs, whether these are to find one single piece, or whether you commission us to fill every wall in your home.